Content Partner

I’m Dr. James Hall, and I’m reaching out because I’ve seen some really interesting human interest stories lately, specifically YouTube’s Savannah Brymer’s True Crime Series on serial killers and missing persons cases and, The PC Security Channel.  Both have exciting content and now we’re inviting security content partners to also join our network.

We know the difficulty investing heavily in a video, then get little to no engagement. Why? Often, it’s because you forgot the one thing necessary to find success with content: your distribution and promotion plan.

With the Security Television Network platform, if you have security related content, you can facilitate better engagement of your video content. Otherwise, you will share your video once or twice, and potential customers will miss it on major platforms with generalized themes that don’t have a niche audience. It may not rank, and it definitely won’t deliver any ROI.  Contact Us.  The Security Television Network would love to work with you on a co-marketing campaign to promote and deliver your digital media to a niche audience.

I’d love to jump on a call and hear a bit about your goals, and what you’re working on.  Contact us today, I would enjoy learning a bit more about you and see if there are any opportunities to work together, as well as explain a bit about our co-marketing program at the Security Television Network.