Does privacy still exist?  Stream this film today on SecurityTV.com In less than one generation, the internet has become a mass surveillance machine based on one simple rule: if it’s free, you’re the product. Social platforms have become masters at monetizing our personal data, whilst the traces we leave of ourselves online are also captured […]

Politician Amongst Those Who Had Their Direct Messages Accessed During Twitter Hack

by Graham Cluley More information has emerged related to last week’s attack which saw a number of high profile Twitter accounts hijacked for the purposes of spreading a cryptocurrency scam. Twitter has already said that 130 Twitter accounts were targeted by hackers, using tools that should only have been available to the site’s internal support team. Those […]

After Twitter Hack, Most Social Media Users Less Confident That Platforms Can Keep 2020 Elections Safe, by Sam Sabi

The hack compromised accounts belonging to Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Bill Gates, among others 56 percent of social media users have less confidence in social media companies’ ability to combat 2020 election foreign interference and disinformation campaigns. About half of all social media users — including 61 percent of Twitter users — saw, read […]