Uvalde teacher had made peace with idea she was going to die, attorney says

Originally Published: 03 JUN 22 02:13 ET Updated: 03 JUN 22 15:44 ET By Omar Jimenez, Meridith Edwards and Travis Caldwell, CNN (CNN) — Emilia Marin, an educator at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, was walking outside the school on May 24 to help a coworker bring in food for an end-of-the-year party when she […]

Department of Veterans Affairs Fast Facts

Originally Published: 30 MAY 14 09:48 ET Updated: 01 NOV 21 15:34 ET CNN Editorial Research (CNN) — Here is a look at the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Facts There are 17.4 million veterans in the United States, according to the most recent statistics from the US Census. More than nine million veterans are […]

Beta Testing New Security Media Channels on STN

Dr. James Hall, who bootstrapped his media start-up “Security Television Network (STN),” with his military pension is now adding media channels focused on security. As a veteran he is proud to launch new channels on the STN streaming service.” The business problem we’re solving is helping security companies gain visibility & leads in a crowded security market. […]

Microsoft unleashes ‘Death Star’ on SolarWinds hackers in extraordinary response to breach

“Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational Battle Station.” – Emperor Palpatine, Return of the Jedi This week Microsoft took a series of dramatic steps against the recent SolarWinds supply chain attack. In the size, speed and scope of its actions, Microsoft has reminded the world that it can still muster firepower like no […]

Security Television Network acquires it’s first Series, ANATOMIA DO CRIME (Anatomy of Crime), a Brazilian 20 Episode true crime series

ANATOMIA DO CRIME – Trailer (Season 01, Episode 01) Trailer English Speaking Audiences: Activate Subtitles [CC] on Player to English Liana and her boyfriend suffered one of the most heinous crimes in Brazil. In November 2003, this young woman and her boyfriend went camping without her parents permission in a remote area in Sao Paulo, […]


On a day of so much loss, from innocent working class people to firefighters, law enforcement, and ongoing overseas wars, we share with you a film from the perspective of the troops. From War to Wisdom – An Iraq Documentary on FOX 2/5 the most decorated battalion in the Marines Journey of an elite group […]

Prison Dogs

Stream it on SecurityTV.com Trailer Prison inmates, along with veterans suffering with PTSD, find a second chance at life through their love and care of puppies Incarcerated for murder and armed robbery, New York criminals learn to love again by raising puppies behind bars. In this inspirational tale, three selected prisoners battle self-doubt, anger and […]

Women of Freedom

Revealing the tragic stories of women murdered in the name of honor Stream it on SecurityTV.com Free 14-Day Trial; 10% off until August 26, 2020 for Womens Equality Day Women of Freedom – Trailer About 5000 women are murdered every year throughout the world, in what are called ‘honor killings’. In many cases, it is […]

Anti-sexual assault activists back Biden, push for reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act

It’s essential that the Violence Against Women Act be reauthorized. The Violence Against Women Act has two goals: make women safer, and protect women’s civil rights. “Between the Violence Against Women Act’s implementation in 1994 and 2011, serious victimization by an intimate partner declined by 72%.” This shows it works! The Security Television Network endorses the […]

The Perfect Victim – A feature film about domestic violence available on SecurityTV.com

Stream The Perfect Victim on SecurityTV.com 14 Day Free – Trial The women who killed their husbands to save themselves from the hell of domestic violence. Shirley, Carlene and Ruby have collectively spent over eighty-five years in Missouri state prison, having each been convicted of killing their abusive husbands. Beaten, raped, sold, abused and nearly […]

What We Told Our Sons

Stream this film on SecurityTV.com.  14 Day Security TV Free Trial. Dayvee Sutton, the producer of the documentary, “What We Told Our Sons.”  A conversation among four families about the reaction to the Trayvon Martin Verdict.  Streamed On SecurityTV.com! Dayvee Sutton is a two time Emmy Award winning journalist who worked for ESPN, Comcast Sports, […]

A Matter of Bias

Stream this documentary for free today on SecurityTV.com.  Join free for 14 Days. The US faces a renewed push against police violence towards African-Americans The US faced a renewed push against police violence towards African-Americans This film was released on September 1, 2016, as the fatal arrest of Eric Garner followed the tragic case of […]