Beta Testing New Security Media Channels on STN

Dr. James Hall, who bootstrapped his media start-up “Security Television Network (STN),” with his military pension is now adding media channels focused on security.

As a veteran he is proud to launch new channels on the STN streaming service.”

The business problem we’re solving is helping security companies gain visibility & leads in a crowded security market.

As leaders, the goal is to minimize problems – which means we must be courageous enough to confront and mitigate or create positive change before circumstances force our hand. We must be sound in our quest to navigate and sustain momentum for the organization and people we serve.

We’re now accepting 20 business’ to join STN in its Beta test, to build media on our niche security media platform. See the example below of Blush Technology Group.

Jessica Jorgensen

Founder/Owner, Blush Technology Group

Blush Technology Group was founded by Jessica Jorgensen to fulfill a personal commitment to helping the community find and use the technology that enhances their businesses. Outside of running Blush, Jess is a family, nature & adventure lover!

STN is combining Blush Technology Groups Video, Lead Generation, and Entertainment for its clients to the world. Please take a moment to look at the channel and contact STN if you have an interest in helping us fill the remaining 19 openings.

We understand the power of media, and would like to help you break through the noise. Join our ever growing niche security audience, and gain the visibility you deserve.

Our sites are now set for delivery of original security content and news on STN in 2022!! Stay tuned!


Dr. James Hall

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