Flashback Thursday

Flashback Thursday…
“You may be through with the past but is the past through with you?”
The college days at Seattle University were absolutely awesome. During this time, I was very heavy into the political scene, running for ASSU president, President of Xavier Hall, starting the “Success and Education” program for the Central District youth to open the pathway for African American students to enter Seattle University.
At one point in time, I invited Mayor Norman Rice to Seattle University to speak to 100s of young high-school kids to discuss the importance of education. All the while, Seattle University Registration waited in the hallway to accept questions and enrollments for new students. I founded the Entertainment and Sports Law Association at Seattle University and just loved the positive activity…
I think it’s time to get involved again and do my part…
“Make a commitment to live a life that is full, love people, be authentic, and die empty.”
Dr. James Hall

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