‘The moment of truth’: The Electoral College prepares to hand Trump the loss he refuses to accept

As any team (political, sports, business, etc.) worth its salt would do, is when you lose you rebuild.  Typically, this begins with self-respect and respect for your competition.  It’s also done with as much dignity as one could muster, regardless of the circumstances.

The problem is, where do you start when your team is punch drunk on finger pointing, and it’s not my fault because the other guy did ___ , ___, … ?  Traditionally, the Republican party lead by principal, had its own platform of values, and was accountable to the following:

  1. lower taxes,
  2. balanced budget,
  3. free market capitalism,
  4. restrictions on immigration,
  5. increased military spending (never holding it hostage as a mechanism of leverage to gain advantage elsewhere, e.g., social media),
  6. gun rights,
  7. restrictions on abortion,
  8. deregulation, and
  9. restrictions on labor unions

The platform was not difficult to understand.  It was built on a long-term vision, with time tested ideas and values.  These thoughts and ideas, which could be placed on the battlefield of politics, were marketed to influence some but not all people and the result is you could win some votes.  Short of influencing enough people to win their vote – you lose.

So, what happens when you scuttle the majority of your platform (excluding free market capitalism & lower taxes), and place your bet on the remaining platform of ideas of this current administration, hoping for another four years.  You tell me, because the country is starved for ideas, innovation, and domestic leadership.

In fact, I’m in the business of security, and have 23 years in the military, so I’m currently at a loss as to how we as a country could continue to effectively lead the free world with the influence of President Donald Trump:

  1. The President does not believe in our own country’s election process, or the fact that it’s fair, so internationally – him spearheading any thoughts on how and/or why any country should have him as an exemplar of leading a country with fair elections would bare no fruit.
  2. As Commander and Chief, the fact that he even thought of leveraging the military appropriation budget to gain advantage over removing elements of new corporate social media legislation is absolutely appalling.  Negotiating like this, appears to be a threat to the pay of military men and women and its shameful.  You cannot go back to veterans and explain, “we only did this because corporations have too much power over what we can say.”  It does not wash.  Military personnel and veterans feel like we were sold out.

While I could go on, I will not.  I think we, as a country, need a fresh start to re-build our image across the globe, and here at home.  Whether your Republican, Democrat, or Independent, if you love this country – please start acting like it… for real!!!  Think critically – and if your on a team, any team – play fair!  If not, you’re only delaying the inevitable – mutual loss on both sides, but the only difference is you look like a loser.


WASHINGTON — After all the failed lawsuitsthe recounts, the falsehoods and conspiracy theories, President Donald Trump will finally meet his electoral fate Monday.

Across all statehouses amid a global pandemic, 538 electors are set to convene to cast their votes for either President-elect Joe Biden or Trump, reflecting the popular votes in their states.

Although protests are likely at some capitol buildings, the outcome should offer little suspense. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are set to end the day with 306 electoral votes, topping Trump’s 232.

Historically, the Electoral College meeting is a formality given little attention. But Trump’s unprecedented efforts to overturn the election have magnified every turn in the election calendar and shined the spotlight on electors who are usually overlooked.  more

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