Principles by Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio’s book, Principles, should be required reading for literally anyone serious about their future, and who choose to build leadership principles into their life.

Below is one of Ray’s principles that he deems worthy of note at this time in our country’s history, as we wind down from a precarious leadership style in Washington, rooted not in principles but transactional in nature.

This style of leadership, typically, does not build on a rich body of work or accomplishment, neither does it enter into long-term relationships that sustain the test of time.

So, take a moment to think about your life, where you been, how you choose to lead, and guided by intentional principles you have chosen.

Aim to make your legacy paramount!


Comments by Ray Dalio on Linkedin

This is a principle that I wrote many years ago that I think is worth reflecting on now.

Ultimately, power will rule. This is true of any system. For example, it has repeatedly been shown that systems of government have only worked when those with the power value the principles behind the system more than they value their own personal objectives. When people have both enough power to undermine a system and a desire to get what they want that is greater than their desire to maintain the system, the system will fail. For that reason the power supporting the principles must be given only to people who value the principled way of operating more than their individual interests (or the interests of their faction), and people must be dealt with in a reasonable and considerate way so that the overwhelming majority will want and fight for that principle-based system.

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