Sheriff’s first responders getting hazard pay

One-time payment of $1,500 going to 104 employees

Lee Pulaski
City Editor

The Shawano County Board approved paying first responders Wednesday with the sheriff’s department a one-time $1,500 hazard payment from Cares Act funding the county is receiving.

First responders in the sheriff’s department will include deputies, correctional officers with the jail, kitchen staff, evidence storage facility employees, sergeants, lieutenants and dispatchers, along with the communications supervisor. The hazard pay will not go to Sheriff Adam Bieber, the jail director or the chief deputy.

Finance director Nitta Charnon noted that $145,000 will be paid out to 104 employees with the sheriff’s department. Charnon said the funding would come from the $679,000 the county received from the Cares Act.

County Board Chairman Tom Kautza praised the measure, noting that it wouldn’t cost the county anything while helping jail staff and that the county was having a hard time finding a place to spend the money. Kautza noted it received the blessing of the executive committee and was seen as a way to help increase the starting pay for jail staff.

“Our jailers come and go, and I believe our starting pay for our jailers is $2 to $3 less than surrounding counties,” Kautza said. “All we are is a training ground. As soon as they get started and we train them, they get certified, but they’re not going to stay here for $2 to $3 less. They’re going to leave.”  more

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