We’re Human, not Invincible

First off, I do personally believe that President Donald Trump is infected with COVID – 19, and that this information is not fake news as some may project.  With so much truth spin, and politically teaming up on news these days, this is not such a wild statement.  I wish him, his spouse, and staff an immediate recovery and well wishes.

Now, I can also safely assume that the leader of the free world has the best of medical care as well, and had a team whom worked tirelessly to keep him from being infected with COVID – 19.  However, despite these efforts, the President, whom regularly intimated that not wearing a mask is ok – I regret his behavior as foolishly grandiose.  It’s now incumbent upon Vice President Pence, during this lull in the chaos, to steady the ship, and share with the American public that the administration is going to do everything possible to heal the country and protect its citizens.  If you believed COVID – 19 was a hoax, or masks are still a joke, it’s time to do a personal check.  It’s ok to take the time to critically think about an issue, weighing the pros and cons of both sides, and make a decision on your own.

Leadership is not blindly following, and calling yourself a good teammate.  Ethically, you can make a decision for yourself, your family, and your country – wear a mask!

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