What We Told Our Sons

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Dayvee Sutton, the producer of the documentary, “What We Told Our Sons.”  A conversation among four families about the reaction to the Trayvon Martin Verdict.  Streamed On SecurityTV.com!

Dayvee Sutton is a two time Emmy Award winning journalist who worked for ESPN, Comcast Sports, CNN, and hosted shows on both NBC and CBS Atlanta.

Since February 2012, the country was captivated by Trayvon Martin – the case of a 17 year-old whom was gunned down by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, in Sanford, FL. When the verdict was announced in July 2013 as “not guilty”, the nation reacted. The streets filled with protests and outrage from those who felt injustice. There was also a sense of division between sides, seemingly, down the line of race. Well, at least, that is what was conveyed through the media.

This film gets the reaction from four families after the verdict. The parents recall their own personal feelings, and discuss what “life lessons” they taught their sons as a result of the case. The son’s in this story also express the range of emotions they experienced, and you’ll witness their loss of innocence and naiveté as they adopt new perspectives about the world.

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