John Robert Lewis February 21, 1940 – July 17, 2020

I’m the dandelion you see coming through a tiny crack in the sidewalk. 

Whether your demise was to have grown up socially and economically disadvantaged or privileged with riches beyond measure, that and all in between, was fought for by John R. Lewis.  He, unlike most of us, to include myself, had an innate selfless desire to nourish souls with an inalienable “feeling of inclusion into the highest ideals of what American can become.”

His tireless effort to promote inclusion, decrease racism, fight for equality, fight for the poor and disenfranchised, undereducated, the hungry, the homeless, women’s rights, and march against ideas that keep America from rising to its full potential, among so many other issues, is now over.  He can and should rest as he is going to his heavenly father.

Until his death, he tilled the soil of American Democracy – agitating, digging, and stirring to ensure every seed of this land had an opportunity to rise.    With all due respect to this man, it’s incumbent upon each of us to, at a minimum, think about his legacy.  The beautiful thing about America is that we have the ability to think the way we wish, whether our thoughts lead to action(s), which build humanity or divide.  John Lewis choose the life of building humanity, much similar to another carpenter I’m aware of … To stand with humanity is to stand on the side of Love for all of humanity.

Thank you John Lewis for giving me an opportunity to thrive.



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