Security Television Network acquires first climate change documentary, Powerful: Energy for Everyone

Security Television Network has placed a stake in the ground with respect to climate change.  It’s here, we have technologies to ensure a cleaner and more efficient path forward, and we must act now.

Our network has devoted a category toward this effort, titled – Climate Change.  Please, Please subscribe to so that we can continue to bring more documentaries on this topic to your homes.

Our first climate change film dedicated toward this effort is “Powerful: Energy for Everyone,” produced by Capitol Motion Picture Group, Inc., and directed by David Chernushenko.

Challenging where our energy comes from and who profits from it can seem a little eccentric. After all, not everyone has solar panels bolted above the doorstep. Green economy educator David Chernushenko does, and they generate more than enough energy to go around. So why can’t we share it? New technologies mean the that energy security is within our grasp, but harsh resistance is still being met. Debunking some of the spin of the big energy lobby, David embarks on a global journey to discover what a sustainable future might actually look like.   

It’s not weakness but strength in recognizing when we, as a country (USA), are falling behind in the race to be world leaders at every level.  One such area, where we know the way forward but struggling to shed from the past – is climate change.

As I sit here at home, while social distancing due to COVID-19 here in Arizona, it’s absolutely shameful that I see roof after roof without a solar panel.  The temperature today is brimming on 114 degrees – and yes, the sun is a free resource.

Eventually, both Republicans and Democrats will embrace the science of climate change equally, because the choice not too is quickly becoming too costly.  We need an infrastructure bill to not all catch up to the world but lead!  Elon Musk saw the vision early, and as I sit in my car at a stop light and see a noiseless Tesla in front of me, guess what – change is coming.

Problems are being resolved at a much quicker rate when it comes to resolving technological energy problems like the storing of energy and the scientific advances in lithium batteries for example.

However, the bigger issue is people resolving their own trust issues like transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy, and trusting that it’s not only the right thing to do,  but it saves money, resources, it’s healthier, and helps to sustain the globe for years to come.

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