Dr. James Hall bootstraps his company with military retirement pension to launch media company focused on security.

Veteran and innovator has formed a new streaming service with a focus on “stories about victims, criminals and justice.”

“It’s been difficult to say the least, believing in a concept and raising the funding to make an idea come to life but I would not have it any other way,” said Dr. James Hall.  The Security Television Network (SecurityTV), securitytv.com is a streaming service with a focus on “stories about victims, criminals, and justice.”  It provides members with a variety of award winning shows, movies, and documentaries.

Dr. James Hall also stated that SecurityTV, like Netflix, has opted out of using advertisements, so viewers can enjoy unlimited ad-free viewing of content.  However, sponsors can provide support through promotion material, banner ads, etc., of the website located at securitytv.com.  Security, especially now, is such a huge topic, on the minds of so many people.  It’s clear why SecurityTV was a necessary “next level” entry into the global mix of media but why now.  Below, Dr. James Hall states why?

I joined the NRA before I was a teen, raised on the belief that owning a gun is an American value. Today, however, my values of safety and gun ownership are challenged by gun violence, which is a public health epidemic. Nearly 40,000 people die as a result of firearm injuries every year in the United States, while so many others are wounded. How do we balance these competing values of safe gun ownership and the gun violence epidemic?

I grew up with the belief that law enforcement was designed to protect and serve every citizen. This belief was engrained by one of my biggest influencers, the late LT Daniel Jenkins, a high ranking African American Police Officer in Norwich, CT. He was a good man who helped to end racial riots and brought a sense of dignity for all people, and especially African Americans in my small hometown community of Norwich.

Years later, as a 22 year old African American, I was subject to the stop but not frisked policy, while attending Seattle University as a college student. Frightened that I was going to be arrested while walking to class, I began to question the ethics of some police officers, particular knowing that so much worse could have happened. How do we balance these competing values of supporting law enforcement, and worrying about our own safety?  How? We begin by sharing our stories.

Dr. James Hall story is that his mother was a General Dynamics welder for Nuclear submarines, and he has 3 sisters who also served in the military (United States Marine, Army, and Navy).  He, himself served for 23 years in the military with a focus on security.  His security experience spans from enlistment in the United States Marine Corps (U.S.M.C.), and after honorably discharging from the U.S.M.C., he attended Seattle University where he earned a BA in Communications and returned to serve as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, and ending his government career with the Public Health Service. These by land, by sea, environments led to him “realizing that after 911, the security industry warranted its own unique holding company.” Before becoming CEO of Security 2.0, which owns the STN subsidiary, he had the following life experiences, which lead him on his current path.

He considers Edward R. Murrow, an American broadcast journalist and war correspondent who gained prominence during World War II as the template for SecurityTV.  Since he delivered live radio broadcasts from Europe for the news division of CBS, and was considered one of journalism’s greatest figures, he notes that his honesty and integrity in delivering the news was impeccable.  His approach, therefore, is the same philosophical approach he choose to build the SecurityTV.

There are events happening in the news today, which should be prioritized — yet, these events have been provided limited soundbites, and fade into the sunset after emotions have decreased.

For example: Diplomacy, Global Action on Global Threats, Commitment to Arms Control, Cybersecurity, Military & Military Families, Immigration & Border Security, Gun Violence Epidemic, Violence Against Women, Violence Against LGBTQ, among others.

The Business of Security & Stock Market News, Security & Product Reviews, Security & Prosperity in Central America, and Climate Change as a Core National Security Priority, Community-Oriented Policing, The Opioid Crisis, Transgender military ban, Strengthening America’s Commitment to Justice, and Countering the Rise in Hate Crimes among so many other topics of concern to citizens are the focus of the types of programming on STN.

Dr. James Hall believes that, “It’s time to balance these concerns with the time they deserve.”

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