Interview with former FBI trial attorney Scott Olson, and current CEO of Olson Strategic Initiatives

Welcome to Security Radio.  Among today’s topics we also have an interview with Scott Olson, CEO of Olson Strategic Initiatives


How Threat Actors are adapting to Cloud

As corporations are moving a treasure trove of data to the cloud, these environments contain a goldmine of sensitive data.  What many companies are learning is that their still in the process of discovering best practices as it applies to using the cloud, security, and incident response.  The biggest problem, however, is when the cloud applications become compromised, their vulnerabilities are unlike those of traditional server-based applications.  The result, it makes it even more difficult to detect and defend against ransomware among other payloads.

See the article developed by Security Intelligence.

Locking Down the House: Benefits and Risks of Corporate Security Policies in Employees Homes

In this article, it informs about the new norms, opportunities and risks associated with the workforce operating in a new pandemic-driven remote work model.

What we’re learning from this new model is that quality work is not only being completed, but it’s being done faster than before.  So, where does this leave us from the perspective of the technical pitfalls of the home security environment?  This environment, typically a single connection to the Internet, is shared among spouses, kids or other roommates.

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Interview with Scott Olson,

Mr. Olson has a distinguished career in federal government:

  • FBI 21 Years
  • Trial Attorney
  • FBI legal attaché in Baghdad
  • Police Instructor
    • Experience in Hiring & Interview Processes
    • Developing Leaders
    • Talent Acquisition

With so much going on with respect to George Floyd’s death, policing, and protests all across the globe, its important to understand and begin building the path forward.  Earlier today, we see this new path being constructed.  Below is a statement from the Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arrodnodo, who recently withdrew from Police Union negotiations.

“There is  nothing more debilitating to a Chief, from an employment matter perspective, than when you have grounds to terminate an officer for misconduct, and your dealing with a 3rd party mechanism, that calls for that employee to not only be back in your department, but to be back patrolling in your community…

Supervisory action alone to remove problematic Officers is very rare, and significantly absent in large departments.  So for the first time in the history of policing, we here in Minneapolis will have an opportunity to use real-time data, and intervene when officers engage in problematic behavior.”

Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arrandondo

Dr. James Hall interviewed Scott Olson yesterday, on June 9th, 2020.  His comments are so relevant to this discussion, and I hope you will have a listen to our podcast.

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