Dr. James Hall bootstraps his company with military retirement pension to launch media company focused on security.

Veteran and innovator has formed a new streaming service with a focus on security and “stories about victims, criminals and justice.”

“It’s been difficult to say the least, believing in a concept and raising the funding to make an idea come to life but I would not have it any other way,” said Dr. James Hall. The Security Television Network (Security TV), securitytv.com is a is a streaming media service for people who believe in the ideal "that no individual is above the law, with stories about victims, criminals, and justice." It provides members with a variety of award winning shows, movies, and documentaries.

Dr. James Hall also stated that Security TV, like Netflix, has opted out of using advertisements, so viewers can enjoy unlimited ad-free viewing of content. However, sponsors can provide support through promotion material, banner ads, etc., of the website located at securitytv.com. Security, especially now, is such a huge topic, on the minds of so many people. It’s clear why Security TV was a necessary “next level” entry into the global mix of media.

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Security Television Network partners with Journeyman Pictures to distribute Digital Dissidents Worldwide

Never has the role of the whistleblower been more in the public eye. They are the warriors of the #digital age, fighting for transparency and #privacy in an advancing technological world. Why do they risk everything to do it and can their cause be called a patriotic duty?
Digital Dissidents are the warriors of the digital age: Republican patriots, radical anarchists and cyber-hippies fight side by side for transparency and privacy in the digital world. For that, they are in prison, live in exile or have lost their careers and families. While many people celebrate them as heroes, critics, #intelligence services and companies condemn their actions as an assault on our security. Why are they doing it? What are their motives?
The documentary “Digital Dissidents” is part of the transmedia event SUPERNERDS.

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