About Dr. James Hall


Since 3rd grade, I knew security was my calling. Having uncles in law enforcement, and a step mother who was a Deputy Sheriff did not hurt either in this evolving growth into a security niche.

I grew up in Norwich, CT, along the edge of Malerba’s Farm in the suburbs. At the time, they rotated strawberries, corn and life was laid back, and mostly non-eventual, until my mother, a single parent with five children, began work as a welder building nuclear submarines, Trident Class, for General Dynamics.

She was selected as one of the first of about 20 women to become welders of the Trident. With more income, we moved into the city of Norwich. This is where I met my next door neighbor, Bob Preston, and it changed my life.

He was conservative, a father of three, huge western, John Wayne & Clint Eastwood fan, who was a gun toting, fishing buddy, and he ultimately became my father figure. He loved me like his own son, and when my father passed away, I came back to Norwich for his funeral but visited Bob first to tell him I only had known him as my father.

But it was not always that way… Our story began with his sons, year after year, asking if I could go fishing in the boat with their family. The first time his son asked, he stated to me at the age of around five, "that he aint going to have a nigger in his boat." And this is how the story began…

Please see some of the highlights of my career. I’ll have the biography done by 2024!


Bob Preston was a huge believer in the 2nd Amendment but even more important, safety first. He made his own bullets, shot and/or fished every weekend.
Before I could shoot, I had to join the NRA and take their safety course, while a teenager raised on the belief that owning a gun is an American value but safety was most important. Today, my values of safety and gun ownership are challenged by gun violence, which is a public health epidemic. Nearly 40,000 people die as a result of firearm injuries every year in the United States, while so many others are wounded. How do we balance these competing values of safe gun ownership and the gun violence epidemic?

I grew up with the belief that law enforcement was designed to protect and serve every citizen. This belief was engrained by another influence on my life, the late LT Daniel Jenkins, a high ranking African American Police Officer in Norwich, CT. I recently spoke at his wife funeral, as she passed away in 2022. He was a good man who helped to end racial riots and brought a sense of dignity for all people, and especially African Americans in my small hometown community of Norwich. Years later, as a 22 year old African American, I was subject to the stop but not frisked policy, while attending Seattle University as a college student. Frightened that I was going to be arrested while walking to class, I began to question the ethics of some police officers, particular knowing that so much worse could have happened. How do we balance these competing values of supporting law enforcement, and worrying about our own safety?

How? We begin by sharing our stories.

Family of Veterans

I have 3 sisters who served in the military (United States Marine, Army, and Navy).  I’m also a veteran.  I served for 23 years with a focus on security.


Experienced leader who participated in the creation of Department of Homeland Security. I Managed a Congressional Mandate to secure Maritime Ports & Infrastructures of Economic Significance. Served as Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Department of Health and Human Services, FOH. Bioterrorism Safety & Security Consultant to FBI. Conducted congressionally mandated international counter-terrorism, and piracy assessments for the protection of American passengers on Cruise Ships, US Maritime Cargo Shipping, and diplomatic relations with the United States. Served as Chief of Weapons of Mass Destruction Department in Washington, DC, while officer in U.S.C.G. This is a picture of me conducting a security assessment at Hoover Dam.

PhD Cybersecurity

I’m an Adjunct Professor at Capitol Technology University (CTU). CTU, was established in 1927 and is located in Laurel, Maryland. It was announced the winner of the prestigious SC Media Award for Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program on February 25, 2020.

I lecture on the following courses:

Healthcare Information Systems Security

Professional Ethics and Leadership

Ethics and Philosophy of Research & data Collection

Business Analytics and Decision Sciences.

PhD Dissertation

Internet Kill Switch (IKS) Emergency Preparedness: A Focus Group Study on Telemedicine Emergency Planning

United States Marine Corps

MOS: 2542

System Administrator; Operated and maintained Univac Series 70/45 and 90/60 mainframe computer system for Fleet Marine Force Pacific.

United States Coast Guard

Department of Homeland Security:

Served with ANSER joint services team tasked with creating the new agency, from the inception of a white-paper to full development of the Department of Homeland Security.

Author of initial International Facility Security Assessment, submitted to United Nations, Safety of Life at Sea:

(SOLAS) Chapter XI, Part B:15 (2001), known as ISPS Code, shortly after 911, to support U.S. effort to be 1st in maritime security.

This maritime code was the first standard for conducting Port Security Assessments on a global scale. The new standard became the 21st Century approach to securing maritime borders.

Authored initial version of USCG Incident Management Handbook (2001).

As a LT, I sat in a room filled with Admirals and CAPT Wayne Buchannon, who lead a discussion about the US Coast needing to add to its fleet a Response Boat to protect our shores. Multiple Admirals decided against have it equipped with the .50 Caliber Automatic weapon, and CAPT Buchannon asked, "LT Hall, what do you think." I stated, "Coast Guard men and women come from the same high-school’s where we get US Marines, they just have to be trained." They deliberated and decided to equip the newly designed vessels with two .50 caliber machine guns.

United States Public Health Service


Chief Security Officer, Federal Occupational Health (FOH), the US Department of Health and Human Services.


Embedded Safety & security consultant for the FBI, having protected over 1000 facilities from anthrax exposure.

But for these experiences and others, I could not have reached the conclusion that security requires a seat at the table of major television networks.

Video Production

Consider Edward R. Murrow, an American broadcast journalist and war correspondent who gained prominence during World War II.  He delivered live radio broadcasts from Europe for the news division of CBS, and was considered one of journalism’s greatest figures, noting his honesty and integrity in delivering the news.  His approach, I believe, is the same philosophy I choose to build the Security TV platform, but with

There are events happening in the news today, which should be prioritized — yet, these events are provided limited soundbites, and fade into the sunset after emotions have decreased.

For example: Diplomacy, Global Action on Global Threats, Commitment to Arms Control, Cybersecurity, Military & Military Families, Immigration & Border Security, Gun Violence Epidemic, Violence Against Women, Violence Against LGBTQ, The Business of Security & Stock Market News, Security & Product Reviews, Security & Prosperity in Central America, Climate Change as Core National Security Priority, Community-Oriented Policing, The Opioid Crisis, Transgender military ban, Strengthening America’s Commitment to Justice, and Countering the Rise in Hate Crimes among so many other topics of concern to citizens. It’s time open the airwaves.

So, how do you win?

Guns are openly purchased by mentally ill active shooters killing the innocent and intruding on your freedoms?

Conservative and Liberal people cannot agree on common sense gun control legislation at the congressional level.

Your family or friends have likely been impacted by endless mass shootings.

Your privacy is not so private any longer with the creation of the Internet.

Your neighborhood is not safe enough to let your child play outside alone.

Your identity can be sold at a price.

Let your voice be heard on Security TV!

Dr. James Hall